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PEACE 40x50 cm print

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Image of PEACE 40x50 cm print

Limited edition of 30 prints.
40x50 cm
Pigmentary print on 220 gsm mat paper (acid free).
Numbered and signed by the artist.

"Peace" is the word I have painted the most since the beginning of "Share The Word Project" - my ongoing art project in which I ask inhabitants of slums and refugee camps to give me words to paint on their houses. "Peace" - in different languages - was given to me 16 times in 9 years, mostly by victims of conflicts in the DR Congo, Palestine, Iraq and Colombia. I've realised that people who have survived wars never take for granted the times of peace or relative peace that follows.


Shipment worldwide apart from North Korea, Palestine, Sudan, South Sudan, Venezuela and Yemen. I'm very sorry about this, I know it's unfair, I hate seeing these countries being excluded, I just can't find a way to send the prints there. I guess I'll just have to carry on painting murals in those places.

انا آسف لا استطيع ارسالها الى فلسطين
Lo siento, no puedo enviarlas a Venezuela.